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Our Lady of Zeitoun + Free PRC32 Angelus

In Zeitoun (Egypt), hundreds of thousands of people witnessed the Apparitions, all at the same time. Christians, Muslims, Jews, agnostics and atheists, all witnessed Our Lady appearing at St. Mary’s Church in Zeitoun. Pictures were taken, official reports and acknowledgements by the local Church were submitted, Le Figaro, New York Times, The London Times any many others had extensive coverage on the Apparitions.

So why do we know so little about it?

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The book shares the story of the apparitions, with specific dates and fascinating details

and proofs beyond anyone’s doubt about the supernatural nature of the apparitions. 

Complete with extraordinary pictures and thorough descriptions from church officials,

witnesses, scientists and people of different faiths and no faith.

A great number of conversions and healings followed the apparitions, these are also documented in the book.

For many people, the Zeitoun apparitions changed their belief in God to a firm knowledge that there is a God.

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