A Disciple In Deed, Word and Prayer

To promote Devotion to Divine Mercy in word is to spread the Message, as we have discovered in the writings of Saint Faustina.  In order to do this each Disciple should have a thorough knowledge of God’s Message and know fully what they are promoting. The best way to prepare is that each individual read the Diary of St. Faustina. The main parts to it are: Feast. Image, Prayers, and Proclamation... and each Disciple should have a good knowledge and understanding of these parts. When each Disciple has a good understanding of that which they promote, then they are ready to answer the call.

Promoting Your Devotion in Word

The promotion of Divine Mercy in word can be accomplished in a number of ways:

  • Distribution of the leaflets informing people of these wonderful revelations and prayers and Christ’s call to mankind to turn to his Mercy now.
  • Organise Divine Mercy talks, informing people about the Devotion with readings from the Diary, appealing to people to join an apostolate or start their own.
  • Organise Divine Mercy Vigils praying with people the prayers of Divine Mercy and calling down the Holy Spirit to help your efforts.

How do Disciple carry out this work

Distribution of leaflets can he carried out in the following ways - organise members and volunteers - People prefer to read the words of the Lord, so let his word do the work - “Take the image and message into the homes - and He will come into the Hearts”. You can also hand them out, outside churches after Mass or on other religious occasions - it is not a good idea to impose leaflets on people if they do not want them. You can leave them in the church (with permission from a priest of that parish). Go out to hospitals, schools, hospices, prisons and distribute them with permission from the authority there. Send them to friends and relatives in your correspondence.

You can organise a hall or large room for a talk. Invite a Priest who is already promoting the Devotion or some established apostolate to give a talk, arrange to show a Divine Mercy video or film. You may publicise the event in Churches through prayer groups - local papers or a Divine Mercy newsletter.

Organise a vigil in honour of God’s Divine Mercy at a church where people can be introduced to the Devotion with Divine Mercy Prayer leaflets and Divine Mercy Prayers.

Promoting Your Devotion in Deed

To promote Devotion to the Divine Mercy in Deed is to actually carry out Deeds or actions of Mercy. The Disciple could identify needs in its own community that existing organisations are not catering for.

Look at all the problem areas in todays world such as child abuse, the homeless, the aged, the sick, AIDS victims, visiting prisons, hospices, hospitals, youth detention centres or maybe there is a local need not covered under those headings. But if all problems are being covered by existing organisations then maybe you can offer assistance to some of these.

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