Saint Faustina and her Heavenly Mother

The following are the words of the Blessed Virgin to Saint Maria Faustina when she appeared to her on March 25, 1936, the Feast of the Annunciation: Speak to the world about His great mercy and prepare it for His Second Coming speak to souls about this great mercy while it is still the time of mercy.” 

We are inclined to think that the message of Divine Mercy is all about Jesus talking to Saint Faustina. But no human has ever received the daily attention of Mary as Saint Faustina did, and no human since the beginning of time was ever given such an extraordinary and awesome mission as Saint Faustina, which was to prepare mankind for the end of the world.

It was Our Lady that told Saint Faustina that her Divine Mercy mission would be to prepare the world for Christ's Final coming. On 1st May 1933 the day of her perpetual vows, Saint Faustina addressed Mary and prayed:

"Mother of God, Most Holy Mary, My Mother, you are my mother in a special way because your beloved Son is now my Bridegroom, and thus we are both your children. For your Son's sake, you have to love me. O Mary, my dearest Mother, guide my whole life in such a way that it will always please your Son Jesus" (Diary 240).

What a beautiful prayer this is, one that we could all say, again and again, every day of our lives. This prayer of Saint Faustina on that day was answered almost immediately in a  remarkable way, when Mary appeared to her and said: "My daughter, at God's command I will be with you, in a special and exclusive way, and you will be my special daughter, but I desire that you too be my child, in a special way"

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