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Interview with Val in Romania 1998The first visit remembered in an interview by Val Conlon to a Romania Newspaper in 1998

In an interview Val Conlon gave to a National newspaper in Romania, he said: “The first thing I would like to say, is to the Government. A country is judged only as good as its children are cherished”. Then he went on to talk about his first visit and how his “Charity Foundation” evolved.

Interview with Val in Romania 1998“The first time I went into a Romania orphanage I saw children wriggling around on the ground, they were wriggling because they didn’t have the use of their arms or legs. They had what I found out later was called Osteogenesis Imperfecta caused by malnutrition. Most could not stand or walk and could only stand by holding the side of a cot. Some had been tied to these cots daily for years. I saw other children banging their heads off walls, hoping it seemed, to render themselves unconscious to get away from the hunger and misery for a short time. These children should not have to depend on charities as to whether they live or die. Their Government should be doing something about it.

On other visits there, I saw charities bring them food, clothes, and toys, they had their pictures taken with the children, and then went home, feeling very good about themselves. All of this of course helped these little wretches to survive, but after the charity group went home the children still dragged themselves around on the ground, but now in new clothes. They still had deformed limbs, but they had new toys to hold with their deformed limbs. The other children still banged their heads off walls but in their new clothes. It was great for them to get food, new clothes, and new toys, but what I could not understand was why no one thought of getting them medical aid, surgery and psychiatric help. This was what these children really needed more than anything else, to have a chance of some kind of normal life.

These children all had robotic looks on their faces, their eyes seem glazed, they seemed to be in a dream state, in another world, but I wondered what type of world could this possibly be? They were in this institute since they were babies, they could not think about nice things or dream nice dreams, because they had never seen anything nice to think or dream about. All they had ever seen was the drab walls of the orphanage, and all they felt was the rough handling of their so called minders. They couldn’t put any thoughts together because they were uneducated, they had no religion which could give them solace and hope of a better life to come. They had no love because they had no families. They were in effect like a different species from another planet. I thought was it possible that we could intervene in their lives and give them these feelings, and emotions, they were getting charity, but maybe we could give them faith and hope as well? Could medicine and surgery help them to stand and walk and give them some sort of independence? Could doctors do something about their dementia and give them hope for a future? Could we give them the greatest gift of all for people with nothing, belief in God, which is what brought us to their country in the first place?

These children needed medical attention and a personal relationship with someone they could talk to and depend on in order to become human beings, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I approached the Orphanage and Hospital authorities but they said they didn’t have the knowledge or the resources to deal with this problem. I promised God on this first visit that I would make every effort to bring these children medical help and a chance of a normal life and some level of happiness.
Our charity HUDT or “Divine Mercy in Action” now works primarily to first give healing to these suffering children, medical aid, surgery and psychiatry, then a home, education, and spirituality. Our first priority always being to intervene in life threatening situations and to organise and pay for hospital surgery and costly operations that otherwise they would never be able to afford. Our next priority is surgery for those who are disabled to give them use of their limbs again, to be able to walk and play.

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