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HospiceThe first ‘Hospice for the Dying’ in Lithuania built by our charity was seen as an historic national event. National television channels and media journalists from all over Poland, and Lithuania, were there to record the event for public broadcasting.

Timisoara is a very poor town in the heart of Romania where most of the young have left for greener fields. The result is a high population of elderly people, who have no support from the Government and no extended family. Many of these live alone and have serious debilitating diseases, which living in terrible conditions and malnutrition has caused.

Centre for Children, MoldovaCupcini is one of the poorest towns in Moldova. It has no state welfare of any sort only two soup kitchens for orphans and the homeless. The main industry is coal mining, where most of the working population work for a bare subsistence.


Irish priest Fr. Eddie Veasey spent over thirty years working with the poor in the shanty town on the outskirts of Guayaquil, Ecuador, living on city trash dump sites and begging in the streets for survival.

“Divine Mercy in Action” works very closely with the administration of the Children's Hospital in Bucharest, Romania. We provide medical help and all the surgical needs for operations to children who cannot afford them, and in many cases procedures that children would die without if we didn’t pay for them.

Calugara - Divine Mercy Centre for Children In autumn 2006, we started a new project in the village of Luizi Calugara with children from very poor families who before we arrived were living in tents beside rubbish dumps. 

Oituz OrphanageOituz is an Orphanage that was completely dependent on the villager’s kindness to feed and clothe the children. But the village which is a very poor village can hardly feed and clothe itself. The orphan children come from a wide area around and most are brought in by the police when they are found deeply in distress having been molested or assaulted by an adult.

Oesophagus Dilator’sWhen we asked the doctors in this hospital were there any other life threatening situations for children, we were told they lost many children that were brought in with damaged oesophagus. 

alobsteinlegscaptionOsteogenis Imperfecta or Lobstein disease is a common condition effecting thousands of children in Eastern Europe. The condition is caused mainly by malnutrition.

Interview with Val in Romania 1998In an interview Val Conlon gave to a National newspaper in Romania, he said: “The first thing I would like to say, is to the Government. A country is judged only as good as its children are cherished”. Then he went on to talk about his first visit and how his “Charity Foundation” evolved.

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