History of the Brothers of Merciful JesusThe Brothers of Merciful Jesus

Father Igor Simonovis was a diocesan priest in Concordia-Pordenone in northern Italy, near the Austrian border. For about ten years He was a pastor of four parishes in the mountain region Val d'Arzino, and in one of his parishes the first community of Brothers of Merciful Jesus came into being.


At the beginning of the year 2000 a young Argentine man, Julián Gonzalez met Fr. Igor on a Marian pilgrimage. Julian felt he had a vocation but was not sure, so he asked Fr. Igor to help him discern God's will. Fr. Igor promised to pray for Julian when he returned to Italy, that he would know what God wanted of him in his life. Julian said he would travel to Italy some time and visit Fr. Igor. After time in prayer, Julian decided he was being directed by the Lord to join the Priesthood.


The week before his trip to Italy, during Eucharistic Adoration, and whilst praying the chaplet of Divine Mercy it came very strongly to him that God desired him to join a community of men who would spread 'Devotion to God's Divine Mercy. But his enquiries led him to find that there was no such community in the Church. When he arrived in Italy he went straight to Fr. Igor and explained what he felt the Lord wanted of him. He asked Father Igor if he would help him start this congregation.

Fr. Igor's reply was to say that he would not have the time. But Julian persisted in coming back many times telling Fr. Igor he knew he was to be involved. Julian kept visiting Fr. Igor telling him it was God's will.

Finally through the power of divine grace led Fr. Igor to the conclusion that maybe it was God's will. Fr. Igor's Spiritual Director, was Fr. Oreste Marcato (Superior of the community of the Franciscan brothers at the Shrine of Frassino in Verona), Fr. Marcato encouraged him to pray that Jesus in His Divine Mercy would enlighten him and give him to understand everything.

He spoke to Cardinal Backis, Archbishop of Vilnius on a visit Vilnius. The Cardinal approved of the idea of this new community. Fr. Igor and Julian became the first members of the new community, The Brothers of The Merciful Jesus.

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