The Power of Kind Words
by Fr. Adrian Farrelly


While reading the scriptures during Holy Week, we see a lot of darkness. We see the dishonesty of the Sanhedrin. We see the violence and brutality of the Roman soldiers. We feel His suffering when He is scourged at the pillar and crowned with thorns. We feel sadness when He dies on His Cross.

During Holy Week, in the shadow of His Cross, we often find ourselves thinking about our trials and sufferings. The times when we’ve lost control, or couldn’t let go of painful experiences. Sometimes people get depressed, lose hope and give up. It is not easy when things go wrong.


But as Catholic Christians, we must remember that the story of the Messiah doesn’t end on Calvary. It was followed by the Resurrection. Easter is one of the most important times of the year because it tells us that there is more than this life. His Resurrection tells us that Jesus has opened the gates of Heaven for everyone, saint and sinner.

But there is also another type of “Resurrection” that can happen in people’s daily life. It happens when we encourage people and help with kind deeds, words and prayers. No matter who it is, whether they are young or old, rich or poor, saint or sinner, everyone needs kindness during their earthly life. We all need Christian love.

The Resurrection is about breathing in new life into what has been lost. It is about giving people hope and a reason to live. Most people want to enjoy their life. There is no secret that we all try our utmost to avoid suffering. But the reality around us shows that many people are despondent and discouraged. Most of the time they just need a helping hand, a positive thing happening to them that might encourage them and bring out the best in them.

This is something we can do every day. We help people when we don’t close our eyes to the suffering around us. Jesus has asked us through the Divine Mercy Devotion to be merciful through our deeds, words and prayers.

A kind word, a simple smile...and you are breathing new life into them! When you listen to people, you are breathing new life into them! If you encourage people, you give them a reason to hope. We become part of the Resurrection when we help to breathe new life into situations where the joy has been taken away.

Mercy respects. Mercy encourages. Mercy sees the good, the potential and the possibilities. Mercy brings hope. Mercy reflects the Resurrection. The Resurrection took place because of God’s Mercy.

As Catholics, we must be conscious of our tongue and our actions and seek to be a source of kindness and love and never a source of malice. We must strive for what is right and just and the protection of the weak and innocent.

Everyday we will also have many opportunities so say a kind word, or do a good deed, or say a prayer for somebody. Let us not miss these opportunities to show Christian love and in doing so, help people to cope with the difficulties of life.

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