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Newsletter Annual Subscription USA

Europe & American Customers - Annual Subscription costs ...

Sales price: € 16,50

Newsletter Annual Subscription IRELAND & N.IRELAND

Annual Subscription to our Divine Mercy Newsletter cost ...

Sales price: € 12,00

In the Footsteps of Blessed Fr. Michael Sopocko

This is a history of the life of Blessed Fr. Michael ...

Sales price: € 5,00

St. Padre Pio SPECIAL OFFER (Prayer Book and Chaplet Beads)

Padre Pio prayer book and chaplet beads special pack

Sales price: € 10,00

Miracles of the Eucharist Leaflet

The Eucharist - The Church's Greatest Treasure! Famous ...

Sales price: € 1,20

Pope and Our Lady (10" x 8" - Size C)

Beautiful Painting of Our Lady wrapping her Mantle around ...

Sales price: € 1,50

St. Francis Prayer Book

The Handbook of Devotion to St. Francis. Contains all ...

Sales price: € 5,00

Divine Mercy Plaque 9" Wood

Divine Mercy Plaque - 9" Height, wood for any room in your ...

Sales price: € 5,00

Divine Mercy Cross 6

Divine Mercy Wooden Cross. 6" Height. Package has free ...

Sales price: € 4,00

Divine Mercy Image - Original Painting (7" x 5" - SIZE D)

Divine Mercy Image - Original Painting (SIZE D)

Sales price: € 0,75

St. Anthony of Padua SPECIAL OFFER

St. Anthony prayer book and Special Chaplet beads for ...

Sales price: € 10,00

Dolours of Our Lady

Dolours of Our Lady Leaflet. Sold in packs of 10. Please ...

Sales price: € 1,20

Act of Consecration to Divine Mercy (For Family Home 10" x 8")

Divine Mercy Act of Consecration for the family home. Write ...

Sales price: € 1,30

Our Lady of Tears

Our Lady of Tears leaflet. Sold in packs of 10. Please ...

Sales price: € 1,20

St. Theresa Colouring Book

St. Theresa's Colouring Book tells the saints life story ...

Sales price: € 4,00

Rosary Beads (Plastic) - packs of 10 (assorted colours)

Plastic Rosary Beads. Available in variety of colours ...

Sales price: € 3,00

Divine Mercy Image - Original

Divine Mercy Image - Original Painting (SIZE C)

Sales price: € 1,50

Brown Scapular

Brown Scapular of Our Lady of Mount Carmel - No one who ...

Sales price: € 0,80

Chaplet of Divine Mercy "Will You Help Me?" CD

Divine Mercy CD - Chaplet of Divine Mercy "Will You Help ...

Sales price: € 8,50

Light a Candle at our Divine Mercy Shrine

We will light your candle (candles) at our Divine Mercy ...

Sales price: € 2,00
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The Lamb of God

 The Lamb of God

The most extraordinary apparition the world has ever seen took place at this little village Church on a hill, called Cnoc, in Ireland in 1879.