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Blessed Fr. Michael Sopocko - Memoirs

We may never heard of the Message of Divine Mercy, only for Bl. Fr. Michael Sopocko, who worked closely with Sr. Faustina to help discern this important message from God for our time.

He had many extraordinary conversations with her, wrote her many letters and his meeting with Sr Faustina on her deathbed changed his life completely.

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Saint Faustina and Blessed Michael Sopocko's lives are inextricably linked in bringing the message of Divine Mercy to the world. Saint Faustina was the visionary and recipient of the revelations, chosen by God for her boundless faith. Blessed Sopocko was the messenger, chosen by God for his extraordinary holiness, intellect and the ability to bring these revelations to the attention of the Church and the world.

*** Hard cover book, with 18 pages of rare historical pictures ***


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